Como obter seu VISA

Não! Esse post não traz uma simpatia ou receita mágica para que você consiga aquele lindo carimbo colorido no seu passaporte, sem o qual não se pode viajar.

Classes: Estude em Stanford University On line

O que acha de estudar nas melhores universidades do EUA, on line e de graca? Princeton, Stanford University e outras mais.

Underage Places in NYC

Se voce eh menor de idade (under 21) e esta vindo para o EUA, voce com certeza ja deve saber que vai ter muitas restricoes aqui. Como por ex: Clubes, bebidas, barsinhos, baladas...

Tutorial: Preenchendo DS160 APIA

Depois de agendar , sua entrevista, é necessário preencher o DS-160. Você vai precisar de todos os dados da sua Host Family, que se encontram no seu Application On line.

Send Money to Brazil

Como funciona?Simples, voce precisar fazer um cadastro no site. Nada complicado. Dados basicos, endereco no EUA, e-mail e senha. Depois do cadastro voce automaticamente ja esta habilitado para fazer transacoes.

Malas e viagens internacionais

Quando compramos uma passagem aérea, em regra, temos direito a uma franquia de bagagem. O mais comum é podermos levar duas bagagens despachadas, uma mala pequena de mão e um item de uso pessoal (pode ser uma bolsa feminina ou um notebook, por exemplo). O peso e as medidas para cada volume...

Brazil for gringos

Here is the top 3 questions that I have been asked, or friends of mine have."Does it have power in Brazil?" ANSWER: "Nope, we just send smoke signals to each other, shower in the beach and cook in bonfires just like in the old times."


Translations Services (Portuguese to English)

Hello, chicks ! How are you doing?

Last month, I had to gather a bunch of documents for my changing of status. It is very common among au pairs to change from the J-1 visa to a F-1 or to the tourist visa. Some au pairs are lucky and their host families are willing to be their sponsors and help out with the visa changing and college, but some, like me, have to ask some relative to help out.

Unfortunately, the changing of status is a pain in the butt. Gee, my head starts aching just by thinking all the money I had to spend, and the headaches I had when I was putting all the papers together. They ask for so much proof that you or your sponsor can financially support your staying. Some of those documents must be translated from your native language to English. Even if your sponsor is an American citizen and translation is not necessary of the documentation he or she has to provide (cause it is already in English, duh! Of course I knew you know that.), there are some documents for academic purposes that you have no choice but to translate it such as your grades from high school and the diploma. All colleges and universities will request those for admissions purposes.

Translation can be very expensive sometimes. The average people are charging now is $30 per page (max 250 words/page).For us, honorary members of the Au poor Nation, $30 is a lot for a piece of paper that you will never need again. I had to spend $350 with my uncle's tax return translation since I could not translate my own paperwork. Unfair, right? With that in mind, I decided to provide translation services from Portuguese to English for Au Pairs or students who are currently changing status and charge less than everyone. (I am open for other types of translations work too)

I am qualified to translate all your documents for your visa process. The USCIS (U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services) does not require me to be a professional translator. However, they do require me to be fluent in both languages, which I am. In the past two years, I have studied translation and advanced English in an American University. However, at the moment, I am working on a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, but it does not stop from mastering the language since Advanced English writing classes are part of my major. I guarantee the quality and the accuracy of my translations.

The process to get your documents translated is pretty easy, and there is no room for mistakes.
1st- Submit your documents to .
 Please, it is very important that you write down preferences or any notes and specific requests/questions you may have.
2nd - You will receive an instant email confirming that I received your documents.
 3rd - In 24h or less, you will receive your free quote.
There is no charges whatsoever for the quote, and it will be good for the next 40 days.The email will contain the amount you will be charged for the service, and when it will be ready. You might then decide either to continue and get your documents translated, or not. 
4th - Once you agree to continue with the process, you must then follow the instructions on the email you will receive next and pay for the service.
5th - Once the translation is ready for print, you will receive a digital copy by email for review. You will have then 24h to review and request any changes.
If there is a typo or a translation mistake, you will not be charged to have them corrected, and all the changes will be made right away as high priority. Once you review and send us an email saying that you approved the translation, you will then receive the final copy and the certificate signed by me. Just a reminder that the translation is not valid without my signature. Also, for an extra fee, you have the option to request a copy by mail too.

All of this and you will only pay $15 per page. That is the best price you will find online, and I assure you that all the translations will be as good as the $30 ones. 

As a gift to my readers, I will be doing a 2 page charges free translations for the first person to comment on this post.

Hope you send me some work to do because I am excited to start!

REFUND POLICY: If you get your visa denied, or if you change your mind after agreeing to continue the translation process, there are no refunds. You pay for it and I will deliver the final translation on time, and with a good quality. If for personal reasons I am not able to complete the translation, then I will refund your money as soon as possible guaranteed.

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

Hello group! “How ya doing?” 

 I would like to talk a little bit of my first few days in America. In order to do that, I will start with my flight to go there.

On December 11th, 2011, I got on a plane for the first time! I was about to travel to Texas, then get on another plane heading to NY. I was thrilled about it all! It would be my first trip outside the country, I was about to fulfill my dream, everything was smooth, until the time that plane started to shake a lot. I was squeezed in the middle seat by two other guys from São Paulo. The plane was crowded with Brazilians going for their exchanges programs. I had a wild nausea, and I couldn't sleep due to my excitement. My throat was sort of closing up, and we were in the middle of a horrible turbulence.

Dear reader, what would do? Pray? Be scared? Well, what I did? I thanked God for all the good people that I had met in my life, then I thanked for the opportunity of being on that plane, and if that was my fate, I would embrace it happily. I held on to the messages that my friends had written for me and cried with joy. Fortunately, nothing happen even though the plane shook more than a tree in Wuthering Heights. 

I was finally in NY, my throat was hurting a lot, but my state of mind was NY. I was taking pictures like crazy; everything seemed to be interesting and too different from Brazil. Haha. You all know what I am talking about, right? 

but call my mom, Please? 

On Monday, I got into the hotel with two more Brazilian girls with me, adorable ones.  I was doing the Infant Specialized Course because I would be taking care of 1 month old twins. That was too scary. Everything was going well on the training course, but I started feeling worse. I had a fever from Monday to Tuesday, and went on getting worse. On Wednesday, I kind fainted in the middle of our course. I was coughing a lot, shaking, and looking too pale (as my friends said I looked almost dead). They took me to the hospital. What was I having?  - An acute attack of chronic bronchitis and sinusitis that spread out an infection in my respiratory tract. They gave me a lot of medicines and took me back to the hotel. I was sad, but I had to take care of myself, right? I would have to deal with that on my own.

The Au Pair Care thought it would be better to isolate me, because they didn't know for sure what I had. So stayed Wednesday, Thursday, and a little bit of Friday on my own. Girls, it is really important to know what you want and stick to it. If you are too connected with your parents, you may have to prepare yourself to live what I lived. It is not good. I was lucky because I had been preparing myself for this trip for a long time, so I knew what I was getting myself into. All the others Au pairs that were in the training with me said that they wouldn't be able to go through this in a strange country without their mothers.

You must read between the lines when you are signing up for the Au pair program. You are going to mature weather you want it or not.When my host got me, she noticed how bad I was and understood why I was so worried about my health. In order to cheer me up, she bought me the ticket for the first Au pair meeting so I could find new friends which was really good. I met one of my best friends there, Tejka Vasiljevic, the nicest nineteen-year-old girl I have ever met. This was one girl that stuck with me through thick and thin for my first four months till she went on a rematch.

So, that's it for today. I hope you have enjoyed the post of the week. How was your experience? Did anyone get sick like I did in the first few days?

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Au Pair extra jobs

Hallo, au pairsarada? Still no lucky with the nicknames yet. Ugh.

I know, or I think I know (I am not a Miss Know it All) that all of you from the Au Poor Nation want to know about extra work outside the program while being an au pair. You all want to know if it is ok, if the families have to give you permission or not, or where to find those jobs. Very well, if you did not want to know about are...going to read this anyways. 'Why?' Cause I said so. Are we on the same page? Great, let's move on...(Oh wow, your hair looks great today!) 

Most frequent questions:

"Can I work for the neighbor, or another family on my time off?"
Technically and legally, you most certainly can not work for anyone else other than your host family.  The reason why is that we are not on a working visa. Au pairs hold aN especial visa (J-1) which only allows them to work for the host family whose name is on our DS. Any kind of job outside the program is illegal, and can result in serious problems with the american immigration department if they ever find out.  However, that does not stop au pairs to have extra works. We all know we can't, but we all have extra jobs now and then, or even with a regular schedule. 

The trick is to find babysitting positions with family who are willing to do the things off the book. In another words, they would be paying you with cash only, and they would not pay tax for any childcare service you provided which is an illegal thing to do. Once again, they all know it is wrong and could give them headaches in the future, however, that does not stop them to do so. 

Because it is not a legal action, your counselor or LCC must not know about it. It is her job to notify the agency if you or the host family are breaking any rules. Once she knows and once she notifies the agency, you might get into big big trouble. So, keep your mouth shut, do not tell other au pairs because some of them might accidentally or intentionally (Yes, there are big anacondas among us) tell on you, and then you are screwed , my dear.

"What about my host family? Do I ask them permission to work for someone else?
Yes, you must ask them, and also respect whatever is their decision towards the subject. 

All the families know it is illegal to have their au pair doing extra work, but some families are ok with that since they know how ridiculous is the au pair's salary. Come on, $195,75 per week, is barely nothing. Even though we don't pay rent or food, every time we go out, we would be spending at least $10 with gas or parking meters, metro tickets and then more for food. Also, most families ask the au pair to work extra hours, and honestly I think it is ok as long as they pay a fair amount. 

Although some host families would agree with extra job, some might not. Their argument is that the au pair will be too tired to take care of their children properly, or that they want the au pair to be available for an emergency the entire day even thought she is technically not working because the kids are old enough to stay the whole day at school. Well, it is their right to ask you not to work for other people, and you must respect that if you agree with it or not. The least thing you want to do is losing your host parents trust on you. Working behind their back is just wrong since you would probably would be using their car to go to work. You can say "Oh, what I do on my time off does not concern my host family" - Well, it does not, but the table turns around when what you are doing is against the law and might prejudice their well being as well. That kind of thing could result in a big fat rematch, or even being expelled from the program. 

Another reason to tell your host parents about your wish to work for someone else is that anyone that might have any interest on interviewing you might want references from previous child care experiences you have. As we are not from here, and all our experiences besides our host family is not in the USA, it would be quite hard to get any job because people don't trust only in your words. They want prove that you are qualified, and the more experience you have and positive feedback they get, the bigger is the payment they are willing to give you.

Here is something else to keep in mind: your host parents might agree now that you can work for other families. However, how can you be sure that one day they will not wake up and decided to screw you over and call the agency to tell on you? They could claim they never knew or never gave you any kind of incentive to work off the program. In that case, it would be your word against theirs, and as the expression goes, "the rope always break on the weakest point" (bad translation? maybe, but who cares?). Nothing would happen to them as they claim they were not aware of the situation, but for you, my dear au poor, just bad news and maybe a good bye to the US. However, there is something you could do to at least fire back in case they try something like this. You could ask them their permission by email or text, and keep the answer if it is positive. In case they say they never told you could work,  you can always print their email and show it to your agency. Well, it is not nice to lie, so if you are going to be punished, the least you could do is showing your LCC or counselor that your host family has the habit of lying about serious things.

If you are not sure about where to start looking for jobs, you should check those websites:

Sitter City
Great Au Pair (I don't like this one because there are way to many scams but some girls got pretty good jobs from there)

Try to describe your au pair duties as much as you can. Ask permission from your host family to put their contact information as reference too. Also, pay for the background check. Believe it or not, it does make a difference having it. You can also ask someone with  fluent english to correct your profile because some host families prefer college students, and someone that speaks english fluently. They might understand that speaking is harder, but writing turns out to be easier for most people, so it can at least give you the chance to talk to them and they might overlook your english speaking issues if they like you. About how much a family would be willing to pay, well, that changes from state to state too. In Connecticut I have been paid $22 per hour, here in Maryland you will find mostly  around $15. I guess what you could do is asking to any nanny you find how much is the average rate per hour. I am sure you can find some at the kid's dismissal from school, or at soccer practice and camp...any where basically.

Hope this post helped you,

See you next post! :)

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Utilidade Publica #1 - O que trazer?

  Ola Pessoas!

  Vou me apresentar brevemente. Lais, 26 anos, vigesimo mes como au pair em Staten Island, NYC.
Uma grande duvida na hora de fazer suas malas e encarar essa vida louca de au pair, e o que trazer?
Primeiramente, voce chagara em qual estacao do ano? Aqui nos EUA as estacao sao bem definidas; inverno e muito frio, primavera e linda, verao e muito quente e outono comeca a esfriar. Claro que isso muda um pouco de regiao para regiao. Duvido muito que voce tera neve em janeiro morando na California por exemplo.Eu vim parar numa ilha chamada Staten Island. Faz parte dos 5 grande blocos que dividem a linda New York City, ou seja, eu tenho as estacoes marcadinhas como citei a pouco.

 Cheguei aqui no meio de outubro, antes de embarcar perguntei no grupo au pair do facebook, como era o clima no mes de outubro aqui. Tive uma base de informacao de como eu deveria me preparar.  No Brasil, sou de Campinas-SP. entao imaginei que seria mais ou menos como as noites de inverno na minha cidade. Pude trazer mais roupas de inverno como; casacos, calcas, blusas, bota, roupa de frio confortavel para trabalhar em casa, e meia calca de fio mais grosso.  Foi totalmente essencial! Acertei em cheio!

 Hoje estou muito adaptada ao clima. 15 graus para mim e uma temperatura perfeita para shorts, chinelos e passeios ao ar livre. Jamais eu diria isso morando ainda no Brasil. Eu estaria com pelo menos duas blusas.
 Ha uma lenda que todo mundo diz "Nao traga nada! Aqui e tudo barato e voce compra tudo aqui". Por um lado e veridico. Voce encontra roupas baratissimas e boas. Mas... Se voce planejava trazer uma graninha extra pra guardar para uma possivel viagem ou um curso, voce vai gastar isso com roupas.

Eu vim preparada para gastar logo com casaco de inverno e bota de neve. Imaginei que seria em uns tres meses depois que eu estivesse aqui. Para minha alegria, em uma semana depois que cheguei, depois de 72 anos a cidade de NY teve uma nevasca no mes de outubro. Ou seja? Fui me aventurar com minha bota convencional e casaco convencional na neve. Fui ao mall encontrar uma amiga, e la mesmo tive que comprar meu casaco de neve e bota de neve. Isso foi uns 90 dolares no casaco e uns 40 dolares na bota. Paguei barato! Acreditem!

 Se eu tivesse deixado de trazer todas minhas roupas de inverno, como muitos me aconselharam, eu teria gasto muito mais dinheiro com isso.

  Entao, sigam uma linha simples e basica para decidir o que trazer na sua mala:

- Pergunte a sua host family como tem sido o clima atualmente, e como costuma ser o clima na cidade/regiao quando voce for chegar
- Limpe seu guarda roupa e veja o que voce pode aproveitar para trazer (mantenha as leggings velhas na mala, serao otimas para trabalhar, e se possivel traga mais, pois as leggings aqui na grande maioria sao muito transparentes
- Voce gosta de calcinha meio termo? Sem ser fio dental e sem ser calcinha da vovo? Compre e traga. Aqui raramente voce acha calcinhas neste modelo. A Victoria Secrets ate lancou agora umas assim, que aqui em Ny custa em media de 3 por 30... Algo assim.
- Mesmo que nao esteja frio de morrer, uma dia com muitos ventos e um pouco frio, vai te fazer sentir muito mais frio do que realmente esta. Somente calca jeans nao ajuda. Eu trouxe meia calca fio 80 que comprei na loja da Lupo. Usei o inverno inteiro!
- Biquini. Traga biquini. A regra das calcinhas se aplicam no nivel de calcinha da vovo mais potente para biquinis.
- Remedios. Traga os remedios que voce esta acostumada a tomar, seja para colicas, ou outros problemas. Caso voce precise logo no inicio estando aqui, voce vai poder se cuidar melhor sem ter que ir a caca de algo para seu problema.

E isso!

Espero que tenha sido util!

PS.:Perdoem a falta de acento :(

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Get up, Stand up

Hi Girls,

Well, I was about to write something completely different for my post of the week, but this couple of weeks set my mind free to discuss about another content. 
Photo of the Protest in Estocolmo. (Jackeline Aguiar is in this picture, can you spot her? I will give you a candy if you get it right. :P)

First of all, I have to begin telling to “y’all” that I am in an absolute state of BLISS due to what is going on in Brazil. Secondly, I took part  in the last movement that happened in my city – Niteroi last Wednesday. Some people say that there are no workers on that movement but only bums. That is a BIG FAT LIE.I was working before heading to the movement. I had to complete my social paper, and then I went there to protest about all the corruption that has been going on in Brazil. 

I got there at 8:30 pm (the protest started at 5 pm). There were some detached people from the group trying to provoke the police inciting the violence (the depredation, bad words, and so on). They were not accepted at all by the rest of the people that were fighting for a better country. Most of the peaceful group just sat there singing, so the police could see who was trying to use violence to protest and take some advantage out of it.

Please, I would like to ask all the Au pairs to show some support for the cause. Please, before supporting any fan page or group, read a little bit about Brazilian history. Why do I say that? Some people are requiring Dilma’s Impeachment. Would that do any good for us? No. I am afraid it wouldn't. Why? Because she had completed more than half of her time in the presidential position, so we cannot vote for her successor. Therefore, it means that we can get someone even worse than her. It is also important to take notice that the President herself cannot do much because she needs approval from the rest of people that are part of our democratic society. 

We are young; we are taking care of our country. Now it is the time for a change! We have to show that we support peaceful protests, and that we reprehend the bad behavior of some people that are trying to get advantage of those  protests.

I was an au pair last year, and I was proud to carry my Brazilian flag around. I even had one hanging on my room's wall. I've always wanted to do something for my country because from what I had studied. Some groups of people only cared about themselves, but we are a big nation, amd we have a voice. We should not let anyone shut our speech down. I will go to the streets every time I can, walking, carrying my signs, protesting peacefully , and showing the love that I feel for our country. 

The way it is now it just makes us want to go away to have better opportunities. I will be there screaming for our rights so everyone can choose to leave because it is their choice of having new experiences, but if they want to stay, they will also have greater opportunities as well.

Below are some links of the articles that The New York Times has published so far about all the protests going on in different parts of Brazil. I am glad to know that people are noticing us more and more.

Article: "How angry is Brazil"
Despite Assurances by Brazil’s President, Another Day of Demonstrations
Emerging Markets, Hitting a Wall
São Paulo Protesters Speak Out
Brazil’s Vinegar Uprising
Brazil Tries to Calm Protester Concerns, Rebuking Violence

Ps: There are more articles. Just use the search tool if you want to read more.

Bonus II: Here is the link, [Clique Here] ,with some pictures of protests that happened in other countries. Note that one of our write
rs, Jackeline Aguiar, is in some of those pictures.

Hope you enjoyed this post. See you next time!!
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