Como obter seu VISA

Não! Esse post não traz uma simpatia ou receita mágica para que você consiga aquele lindo carimbo colorido no seu passaporte, sem o qual não se pode viajar.

Classes: Estude em Stanford University On line

O que acha de estudar nas melhores universidades do EUA, on line e de graca? Princeton, Stanford University e outras mais.

Underage Places in NYC

Se voce eh menor de idade (under 21) e esta vindo para o EUA, voce com certeza ja deve saber que vai ter muitas restricoes aqui. Como por ex: Clubes, bebidas, barsinhos, baladas...

Tutorial: Preenchendo DS160 APIA

Depois de agendar , sua entrevista, é necessário preencher o DS-160. Você vai precisar de todos os dados da sua Host Family, que se encontram no seu Application On line.

Send Money to Brazil

Como funciona?Simples, voce precisar fazer um cadastro no site. Nada complicado. Dados basicos, endereco no EUA, e-mail e senha. Depois do cadastro voce automaticamente ja esta habilitado para fazer transacoes.

Malas e viagens internacionais

Quando compramos uma passagem aérea, em regra, temos direito a uma franquia de bagagem. O mais comum é podermos levar duas bagagens despachadas, uma mala pequena de mão e um item de uso pessoal (pode ser uma bolsa feminina ou um notebook, por exemplo). O peso e as medidas para cada volume...

Brazil for gringos

Here is the top 3 questions that I have been asked, or friends of mine have."Does it have power in Brazil?" ANSWER: "Nope, we just send smoke signals to each other, shower in the beach and cook in bonfires just like in the old times."


I am being influenced by my host kid.

Hey People,


I don't know how many of you guys have such a nice relationship with your host kids, but I do have. We share a strong bond. Why am I telling you that? My intention is not to brag about it. I just want to show you that not only you can be an influent person on your host kids' life, but the other way around is quite possible too.

For example, my 13 year old host kid loves reading and writing. She reads at least two books every week and writes awesome stories. We, coincidentally, like stories about supernatural things, such as demons and angels stuff. Because of her influence and incentive,  I started to read way more. She would land me books that she loved about subjects that I like. Before I met her, I was the kind of person that would read one book per year, or less. Unfortunately, I never learned how to enjoy reading a book, but thanks to her I am changing for good.

She not only influenced me to start reading more often( I read three books this month - YES), but  she got me into writing, and I figured out that I actually enjoy it more than I thought. Now, she is not only my host kid, but also she is my editor and mentor (awwwwwwww).

This week, I started to write a story about a cursed girl. So far, I only have one chapter done. I would love if you guys check it out and tell me what you think. My host kid made up an account on Wattpad for me. I will post the link below.
Here the link to my story: CLICK HERE 

I strongly recommend for those who want to improve their English to write and read as much as they can because those are the only ways to level up the English to an academic level. By reading you can expand your vocabulary. I know it is hard for us to get away from the simple words, but we are here to improve our English. Aren't we?

PS: If you say you don't have money to buy books, I say "POO YOU!" . There are many free eBooks on amazon. Just look it up. If you enjoy that kind of "supernatural" reading, here are the last two books I have read #1 and #2.  Once again, READING and WRITING are the keys!

One small tip about host kid x au pair relationship: Try to share with your kids things that you like, and show them that you are also interested on things they like. For example, if your host kid likes star wars, then you should take some of your free time, or with your host kid while you are working, to watch it. Why? First, you are showing him that you are very interested in becoming part of his world. Second, you are going to have more things to discuss about with him. As any other person, kids also like to have a conversation because it makes them feel very "grown up". Lastly, the parents will see that you are trying to be friends and bond with their kids. (Just one more that does not count for the au pair like as au pair, but it counts for the au pair life as a girl: If your kid actually like start wars or not , still you should watch it because guys also love  girls who know about their Lightsaber - if you know what I mean!)

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More grammar help!!!

Hello people from earth. How is it going??

Oh well, my lovely English Professor told me about a very good web site that might give you an extra content for grammar.

It is very simple, but still very helpful. If you are taking EL or ESL classes, this website can be an extra tool that whenever you feel confused about something you just go there and check it out. It has a lot of good resources and it is all for free!!! (You gotta love internet!)


Enjoy it!


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Grammar : Comma Splice

Yes, it is from 9GAG. I don't recommend to read that site. Why?? Cause the English there is terrible , and probably will  decrease your IQ. But...I read that everyday HAHAHAHA.Shame on me!

Hi Girls,

Today, I am posting a few links that can help you improve your writing, especially about commas splices and run on sentences. 

This semester, I have been taking an EL class. What I see is that the majority of the students have a problem with commas. Maybe it is because their first language grammar is distinct than English grammar. But, a good Essay should not  have those kind of mistakes. Otherwise you will get very low grades. So, for those who want to take the academic level classes, please study your grammar. It is very important because if you can't write an essay properly, you probably won't pass the English Placement Test, which requires a very good score, otherwise you can't take the academic level classes and have to stick with the EL or ESL classes. !!! 
Recognize a comma splice when you see one.
A comma splice, also called a run-on, occurs when a writer has connected two main clauses with a comma alone. Amain clause makes a complete thought, so you should not find a wimpy comma struggling to join two such powerful clauses.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

A RUN-ON SENTENCE (sometimes called a "fused sentence") has at least two parts, either one of which can stand by itself (in other words, two independent clauses), but the two parts have been smooshed together instead of being properly connected. Review, also, the section which describes Things That Can Happen Between Two Independent Clauses. CLICK TO READ MORE. 
How to Use Commas
Commas are tricky because there are so many different ways you can use them, but one of the most common ways to use commas is to separate two main clauses that are connected by a coordinating conjunction.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

In case you have no idea what a clause is, here goes two links that will fresh up your memory (PS: you must know what a clause is in order to understand how to use commas properly):

Recognize a subordinate clause when you see one.
A subordinate clause—also called a dependent clause—will begin with a subordinate conjunction or a relative pronoun and will contain both a subject and a verb. This combination of words will not form a complete sentence. It will instead make a reader want additional information to finish the thought.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Punctuation marking
With noun clauses, no commas are used. Adjective restrictive clauses are not separated by  commas, but with adjective descriptive clauses commas are used. Adverb clauses that come before the independent..CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Ps- I am not an expert. I am far far away to be one. Although, I am trying and studying very hard. If I make some grammar mistakes, you can comment below and explain why is wrong. So I can learn and do not make such mistakes again. And I will also Update the post, and show the readers how to avoid them. :)) 
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Listening to musics - Spotify

 Hello pessoas ! 

So, so ... That is my first post in EN. Ugh, Sorry hotties (os??), I have not learned how to be funny in English yet. So if you get bored by reading this post I advise you go watch a Justin Bieber 's video clip on You Tube,  then you will see there are worst things on the internet than this post. But seriously don't criticize my English ok, I am still learning. At least I know the difference between "you're and your". 

Anyways, this short post is about SPOTIFY. "WHAT? Stephy, who is Spotify? Is he hot?" Well, It is not my date. Spotify is a thing, that play things. Understand? Nope? Ok, one more try: Spotify is a thing that plays music! YAY! Got it? I hope you did, cause now it is 1:42 am and my brain is temporally out of service. Therefore I can't write in English and explain in a detailed way what the heck Spotify is. But you got the main idea: IT PLAYS MUSIC! 

It is like a Windows Media player, but better. All you, my dear reader , gotta do is download it on your computer, create an account and enjoy the thousands of songs available.  

Spotify is initially for free! The only annoying thing is that it has ads (Uuugh). I used to have it for free, but sometimes I was in the middle of a cool awesome amazing outstanding song when an annoying woman would start talking. So I decided to pay $10 a month. IT IS WORTH IT. 

Oh, a good thing about paying for the premium is that you can download the app on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, iWhatever you have and listen to it off line. For those who don't have 3G that is very awesome and it does not occupy a lot of memory on your device (so you can get it full of dirty pics, jk).

For those who come from Brazil it might be hard not to download songs here in the USA. We Brazilians are used to download thousands of things and never get caught. Unfortunately here in the USA  we can't do that. I have heard stories of some au pairs that had to pay a lot of money cause they illegally downloaded  songs and movies. The worst  thing is that the host family gets very upset when that kind of things happen. We don't want to upset our host families, do we? and We also don't want to spend money on iTunes, so Spotify is a good solution. You can legally  listen to all the songs you want and don't have to download it on your computer (Y) 

Spotify is awesome. Spotify is amazing and I should be making some money with this post!! But I am not!! I wish I was tho.

Take a look at it and tell me what do you think :)

PS: I am too lazy to revise my English, ok? So just ignore my mistakes and be happy (Y)

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Dates - OkCupid

Hello Lindas(os), 

Desculpem a minha ausencia. Nen tenho mais explicacoes pra ficar dando, uma hora cansa mesmo ficar falando "Ai que isso aconteceu, aquilo, preguica tomou conta do meu ser"... Eh foda manter um blog sozinha...ser au pair, namorar, estudar e ainda ter tempo de tirar naps no meio do dia. Me desculpem! :( 

Mas, pra voce que prestou atencao na sentenca acima... SIM estou namorando. Bom, recentemente ouve uma troca de namorados. Sai de  uma relacao linda de um ano, fiquei solteira por um ou dois meses, e ja estou na ativa de novo. ISSO AE MANO! (y) 

O primeiro namorado, americano, eu conheci pelo POF. Ja fiz, ou ja fizeram post sobre o POF aqui no blog. E acho que todo mundo ja ouviu falar ne? Bom, eh ruim. So tem gente estranha, e ou quuem so quer "sexo". Logico que voce pode achar uma excessao. Como eu, e algumas amigas minhas. Mas, atualmente eu estou in love com o Okcupid. 


Ja sai com 5 caras de la. E todos eles MUITO gente boa. E nao foi so um date com cada, foram varios. Se nao rolar nada depois, paciencia, mas valeu a diverssao ne?? E pelo que eu percebi, navegando nas search , o Ok cupid tem mais gente interessante, good looking, e realmente procurando por uma relationship do que o POF. Sim eu sai com os 5 mas isso nao significa nada. Data aqui nao tem putaria que nen no Brazil, LOL. Aqui eh mais comportado, pelo menos os primeiros... 

Dai que agora, eu nao sei ainda se to namorando ou nao. O fio da pulga nao pediu oficialmente, mas me trata como namorada. Me busca, paga tudo, chama de babe, hold hands, e ate cozinha pra mim direto (Cheesecake yuum). E na verdade, foi ele quem teve a idea de eu postar isso aqui. (Pontos pra ele) . 

Detalhe: Primeiro date  o fofo cozinhou uma receita de peixe do Brasil e um Cheesecake. UH UH UH Momma got that right!! HAHA 

Entao vai la nega, se "CHOGA" no site , faz um perfil legalsinho, bota umas fotenhas com peito de fora (just kidding) e vai pegar geral. Nao faca que nen eu, me enrolou numa relacao de 1 ano e perdi tempo de ter conhecido varios caras legais. Entao, antes de marcar o cara pra ser seu namorado, fica com pelo menos alguns antes ne... Vir pro EUA e nao beijar um americano eh que nen ir pra Minas e nao morder aquele Pao de Quiejo. 

Fui, negas! Desculpa meu pessimo portugues. Quer saber, desculpa nada, ta uma bosta mesmo. 

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