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 Hello pessoas ! 

So, so ... That is my first post in EN. Ugh, Sorry hotties (os??), I have not learned how to be funny in English yet. So if you get bored by reading this post I advise you go watch a Justin Bieber 's video clip on You Tube,  then you will see there are worst things on the internet than this post. But seriously don't criticize my English ok, I am still learning. At least I know the difference between "you're and your". 

Anyways, this short post is about SPOTIFY. "WHAT? Stephy, who is Spotify? Is he hot?" Well, It is not my date. Spotify is a thing, that play things. Understand? Nope? Ok, one more try: Spotify is a thing that plays music! YAY! Got it? I hope you did, cause now it is 1:42 am and my brain is temporally out of service. Therefore I can't write in English and explain in a detailed way what the heck Spotify is. But you got the main idea: IT PLAYS MUSIC! 

It is like a Windows Media player, but better. All you, my dear reader , gotta do is download it on your computer, create an account and enjoy the thousands of songs available.  

Spotify is initially for free! The only annoying thing is that it has ads (Uuugh). I used to have it for free, but sometimes I was in the middle of a cool awesome amazing outstanding song when an annoying woman would start talking. So I decided to pay $10 a month. IT IS WORTH IT. 

Oh, a good thing about paying for the premium is that you can download the app on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, iWhatever you have and listen to it off line. For those who don't have 3G that is very awesome and it does not occupy a lot of memory on your device (so you can get it full of dirty pics, jk).

For those who come from Brazil it might be hard not to download songs here in the USA. We Brazilians are used to download thousands of things and never get caught. Unfortunately here in the USA  we can't do that. I have heard stories of some au pairs that had to pay a lot of money cause they illegally downloaded  songs and movies. The worst  thing is that the host family gets very upset when that kind of things happen. We don't want to upset our host families, do we? and We also don't want to spend money on iTunes, so Spotify is a good solution. You can legally  listen to all the songs you want and don't have to download it on your computer (Y) 

Spotify is awesome. Spotify is amazing and I should be making some money with this post!! But I am not!! I wish I was tho.

Take a look at it and tell me what do you think :)

PS: I am too lazy to revise my English, ok? So just ignore my mistakes and be happy (Y)

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