Come & Get It.

Hello, how is it going? 

Here it goes a little bit about my love story before the Au Pair life... 

I have spent my whole life dreaming about going to America, but then I got a boyfriend and he became my fiancé and he forbade me to go. Yes, I said that right. Well, I was 17, we were already engaged, and I didn't want to lose him, so I let my dreams drying on the wall even though I was secretly wishing to go. We broke up two years later when I was 19 (That was in 2009), and I wanted to leave Brazil, as soon as possible, to get away from him and all the memories that we had built up.

In 2010, I found the boy of every girl’s dream, then we started dating –“there it goes her dream”, you may think, but I didn’t want to lose any time, I didn’t want to let our relationship grow deeper. I had made up my mind. I was going to the US no matter what. Now, how do you say something like this, when everybody is sure that you two are a perfect match, and everything is going so well that you had never fought with the guy in a 9 month-relationship. What can I possibly say to him to make him understand that I need to go? We went on a 10-day trip to Búzios, and everything had gone so well that I did not have the guts to tell him I was about to leave him!

Broken hearts, but no broken bones! 

Well, I just decided to slip the beans as soon as we unpacked. "Baby, I am going to be an au pair", I gave him all my explanations, and I said I would travel as soon as the agency allowed me to. Drama, drama, drama. It was April, and I wanted to travel in July, but he asked me to stay with him until December. When October came, I broke up with him so we could get used to the distance, and that didn’t work as I imagined. We had got back together and decided to be together until the plane took off. The days went by so fast that my departure day arrived in a blink of an eye. We were desperate. We love each other. He wanted to maintain the relationship, but I didn’t because I couldn’t be 100% sure that I would keep myself faithful to him. I’ve seen and I’ve heard stories that didn’t go that well and only brought pain to one or the other. I had kept my word, and we went separated ways on the night of 

December 11th in 2011. I wanted to believe that if we were meant to be together, fate would do all the work, and we would be together again. I rushed to the gates and said so long to my lover. 

After getting on that plane, I was under the control of myself. I was reassuring my inner desires, and breaking free from my family, from the Brazilian society, and I was walking holding my head up high towards the unknown on a foreign land.

All of this is just to tell you that it doesn’t matter how good your relationship is, you have to follow your dreams and face the consequences of choosing one path. To live is to face the dread of disappointing yourself with your own choices. We always have two paths to follow. If you choose you, you are giving up the other one, but that does not mean that you cannot take a shortcut and get back to the other one. The world is always spinning around. And if a lightning can fall on the same place twice, so can you.

To be continued...

Hope you enjoyed it! :) 

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  1. Hey,
    Entao meu caso foi um pouquinho diferente, dps de 4 anos e pouco juntos, apesar de todo sofrimento de pensar na distancia, nos separamos e continuamos namorando.. Hoje quase 1 ano dps de voltar do meu ano como au pair... falo q tudo vlw a pena!!! Estamos mais felizes um com o outro e meu ano como au pair foi maravilhoso!! o/


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