Egg in the hole!

Hey, Au pairschachas ? no, Au pairones? Damn it, it is hard to come up with a nick name for you, girls. 

This one has no cheese I forgot! lol 
You must be curious about the tittle, right? "Egg in the hole? - what the heck, not on my hole, senhorita" - Don't worry, the only hole we are using is the Bread hole! (I scared you, haven't I? haha) If you are out of ideas for breakfast for your little monsters, a.k.a host kids, the egg in the hole is a simple and yummy dish to cook for them.

All you need is:
1- slice of bread
1- egg
1- slice of any cheese (my host kid likes the American better) 
1- cookie cutter 
A little bit if salt and butter. 

It is so easy that I feel dumb for having to write down how to make it because by now I am pretty sure you already know it just by looking at the picture.Anyways, the steps are simple like when you fry the egg. Heat up a frying pan with some oil. Spread butter on both sides of the bread. Then use the cookie cutter on the slice (save the part the came out).

After, put the slice on the pan, then break the egg inside the hole you made with the cookie cutter. Put some salt, and let it fry! 

Flip it once when you see that the egg is going to stay inside the hole. That done, make sure that side of the bread is ready cause if it is, you can put the slice of cheese on top of it while the bottom is frying. That way, the heat will melt the cheese a little bit. Then you done with this part. 

Put in a plate, but don't serve yet cause there is the final touch. Get the part of the bread that is left and fry it a little bit. Then put it on top of the cheese. Finally, you can serve it with some orange juice or milk. And that is it! 

Fast, and simple ! My host kid loves it ! You can also add other stuff such as bacon or pepper. It is up to your creativity!

Hope you liked it! :) See you next post! 


  1. I love this!! Eu aprendi em um site de culinaria e sempre faço pra mim no cafe da manha!! uhauhauhau
    Um muito bom tb, é misturar ovo com acucar, molhar o pao com a mistura e dps fritar!! o/

  2. Eu tambem gosto!! HAHA. Essa outra eu nao conheco, mmas ovo com acucas, da certo?

  3. Conhecido como French Toast.

    Bate um ovo, coloca canela e acucar, passa o pao de forma nessa mistura/meleca e frita dos dois lados, e come com breakfast syrup.


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