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Well, I was about to write something completely different for my post of the week, but this couple of weeks set my mind free to discuss about another content. 
Photo of the Protest in Estocolmo. (Jackeline Aguiar is in this picture, can you spot her? I will give you a candy if you get it right. :P)

First of all, I have to begin telling to “y’all” that I am in an absolute state of BLISS due to what is going on in Brazil. Secondly, I took part  in the last movement that happened in my city – Niteroi last Wednesday. Some people say that there are no workers on that movement but only bums. That is a BIG FAT LIE.I was working before heading to the movement. I had to complete my social paper, and then I went there to protest about all the corruption that has been going on in Brazil. 

I got there at 8:30 pm (the protest started at 5 pm). There were some detached people from the group trying to provoke the police inciting the violence (the depredation, bad words, and so on). They were not accepted at all by the rest of the people that were fighting for a better country. Most of the peaceful group just sat there singing, so the police could see who was trying to use violence to protest and take some advantage out of it.

Please, I would like to ask all the Au pairs to show some support for the cause. Please, before supporting any fan page or group, read a little bit about Brazilian history. Why do I say that? Some people are requiring Dilma’s Impeachment. Would that do any good for us? No. I am afraid it wouldn't. Why? Because she had completed more than half of her time in the presidential position, so we cannot vote for her successor. Therefore, it means that we can get someone even worse than her. It is also important to take notice that the President herself cannot do much because she needs approval from the rest of people that are part of our democratic society. 

We are young; we are taking care of our country. Now it is the time for a change! We have to show that we support peaceful protests, and that we reprehend the bad behavior of some people that are trying to get advantage of those  protests.

I was an au pair last year, and I was proud to carry my Brazilian flag around. I even had one hanging on my room's wall. I've always wanted to do something for my country because from what I had studied. Some groups of people only cared about themselves, but we are a big nation, amd we have a voice. We should not let anyone shut our speech down. I will go to the streets every time I can, walking, carrying my signs, protesting peacefully , and showing the love that I feel for our country. 

The way it is now it just makes us want to go away to have better opportunities. I will be there screaming for our rights so everyone can choose to leave because it is their choice of having new experiences, but if they want to stay, they will also have greater opportunities as well.

Below are some links of the articles that The New York Times has published so far about all the protests going on in different parts of Brazil. I am glad to know that people are noticing us more and more.

Article: "How angry is Brazil"
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Brazil Tries to Calm Protester Concerns, Rebuking Violence

Ps: There are more articles. Just use the search tool if you want to read more.

Bonus II: Here is the link, [Clique Here] ,with some pictures of protests that happened in other countries. Note that one of our write
rs, Jackeline Aguiar, is in some of those pictures.

Hope you enjoyed this post. See you next time!!
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