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Last month, I had to gather a bunch of documents for my changing of status. It is very common among au pairs to change from the J-1 visa to a F-1 or to the tourist visa. Some au pairs are lucky and their host families are willing to be their sponsors and help out with the visa changing and college, but some, like me, have to ask some relative to help out.

Unfortunately, the changing of status is a pain in the butt. Gee, my head starts aching just by thinking all the money I had to spend, and the headaches I had when I was putting all the papers together. They ask for so much proof that you or your sponsor can financially support your staying. Some of those documents must be translated from your native language to English. Even if your sponsor is an American citizen and translation is not necessary of the documentation he or she has to provide (cause it is already in English, duh! Of course I knew you know that.), there are some documents for academic purposes that you have no choice but to translate it such as your grades from high school and the diploma. All colleges and universities will request those for admissions purposes.

Translation can be very expensive sometimes. The average people are charging now is $30 per page (max 250 words/page).For us, honorary members of the Au poor Nation, $30 is a lot for a piece of paper that you will never need again. I had to spend $350 with my uncle's tax return translation since I could not translate my own paperwork. Unfair, right? With that in mind, I decided to provide translation services from Portuguese to English for Au Pairs or students who are currently changing status and charge less than everyone. (I am open for other types of translations work too)

I am qualified to translate all your documents for your visa process. The USCIS (U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services) does not require me to be a professional translator. However, they do require me to be fluent in both languages, which I am. In the past two years, I have studied translation and advanced English in an American University. However, at the moment, I am working on a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, but it does not stop from mastering the language since Advanced English writing classes are part of my major. I guarantee the quality and the accuracy of my translations.

The process to get your documents translated is pretty easy, and there is no room for mistakes.
1st- Submit your documents to translation@aupair-room.com .
 Please, it is very important that you write down preferences or any notes and specific requests/questions you may have.
2nd - You will receive an instant email confirming that I received your documents.
 3rd - In 24h or less, you will receive your free quote.
There is no charges whatsoever for the quote, and it will be good for the next 40 days.The email will contain the amount you will be charged for the service, and when it will be ready. You might then decide either to continue and get your documents translated, or not. 
4th - Once you agree to continue with the process, you must then follow the instructions on the email you will receive next and pay for the service.
5th - Once the translation is ready for print, you will receive a digital copy by email for review. You will have then 24h to review and request any changes.
If there is a typo or a translation mistake, you will not be charged to have them corrected, and all the changes will be made right away as high priority. Once you review and send us an email saying that you approved the translation, you will then receive the final copy and the certificate signed by me. Just a reminder that the translation is not valid without my signature. Also, for an extra fee, you have the option to request a copy by mail too.

All of this and you will only pay $15 per page. That is the best price you will find online, and I assure you that all the translations will be as good as the $30 ones. 

As a gift to my readers, I will be doing a 2 page charges free translations for the first person to comment on this post.

Hope you send me some work to do because I am excited to start!

REFUND POLICY: If you get your visa denied, or if you change your mind after agreeing to continue the translation process, there are no refunds. You pay for it and I will deliver the final translation on time, and with a good quality. If for personal reasons I am not able to complete the translation, then I will refund your money as soon as possible guaranteed.

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